Zefram Seeds

Zefram Seed Co.


A private cross from a cannabis enthusiast in New York.
Zefram was created by crossing a Sour Diesel female with a Purple Punch male.

Zefram: Purple Punch x Sour Diesel
45% Indica
55% Sativa
Price: $4.20 ea

Zefram DD

(Zefram Double D)
This is cross between a select Zefram male that showed the best qualities, crossed with a Sour Diesel strain from seeds obtained elsewhere from the original Sour Diesel / Zefram make up (Dutch seeds).

Zefram DD: Zefram x Sour Diesel (auto)
Sativa Dominant
Indica 30%/70% Sativa
Price: $7.10ea

Zefram PP

This is a backcross between a Zefram male with its father strain, Purple Punch(female). This strain is a hybrid and leans heavier Indica.

Zefram PP: Zefram x Purple Punch
Indica-dominant Hybrid
Indica 65%/35% Sativa
Price: $4.20